Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Local Teen Wins Advocacy Award

ST. GEORGE, UT Jarom Price, a soon-to-be senior at Pine View High School and next year’s president of the Washington County Youth Coalition (WCYC), recently received the Utah Youth Community Engagement Advocate of the Year award.

This award was given by the Utah Department of Health in recognition of Jarom’s exemplary drug prevention work in our local community as a WCYC member, as well as his commitment and dedication to furthering the fight against Big Tobacco.

Since he was serving a humanitarian mission in the Dominican Republic during the award ceremony, Jarom sent a video of his acceptance speech, and referred to the WCYC in his conclusion: "We are leaders, we inspire, we motivate, and we have fun!"

The Southwest Utah Public Health Department, partnered with Southwest Behavioral Health, advises and oversees the WCYC, which has been recognized at the state and national level for all the work they do to create a safer, better, and healthier community through drug prevention.